Shm√łergh Drummer is a drum sequencer which generates drum loops that "make sense". What "makes sense" is of course very subjective, so it's an opinionated drum sequencer: it has built in patterns that produce more or less classic hiphop/funk/electronic/dance rhythms but with the intention to keep it interesting.

The module is admittedly inspired by Mutable Instrument's Grids but the inner logic [of my module] is much more rudimental.


  • Opinionated drum sequencer
  • 4x trigger outputs
  • Hardcoded pattern pool for each channel with free mix-and-match
  • Shuffle
  • Pattern start reset button
  • Ability to add semi-random extra notes to patterns
  • Re-randomize extra notes
  • Expects 4PPQ external clock
  • Nice blinking LEDs
  • Works with +12V
  • Makes great cappuccino