Since 2018
Head of design at Ghost
Director of design at Prezi
Designer at SAP Labs Hungary
Freelance designer
Master's degree in EE at Budapest University of Technology

Career overview

If you asked my close friends to describe me, nine out of ten would probably mention my passion for diving deep into topics that interest me. When something grabs me I want to understand it as thoroughly as possible, often sticking with it for years, even decades. For as long as I remember I’ve had a passionate interest in music, design and engineering, and everything I do is somehow in the intersection of these.

My design career started in the early 2000’s during my university years, just when everyone was trying to make a living building websites. A friend of mine needed help with graphic and webdesign projects, and even though I was studying electrical engineering and had only a little webdesign experience, I said yes. For the next three years, I worked at his studio on websites, where I learnt the basics of design and development.

After graduation I started working as a freelancer and I was torn between being a musician, an engineer or a designer. For no real reason I took on a job at Telekom’s data warehouse but it quickly became clear that it was the wrong path for me. So in 2009 I switched to SAP Labs where I became the first designer in their Budapest office. While most of my work was focused on iOS and Android UI design, I also re-discovered the love for app development.

In 2013 I joined Prezi, which became a truly transformative experience in my career. I worked with incredibly talented and smart people to make 2.5-dimensional, moving presentations accessible to everyone. For the first two years my main focus was on editor (re)design, and in the latter half of my time I led the design team as the director of design.

Next, in 2018 came Ghost, my current gig—a small company behind one of the most popular open source publishing platforms. Unlike any other startup, Ghost does almost everything differently: it’s self-funded, open source, it prospers without investors. It has a very open, no BS culture with the ultimate goal to give their customers and employees the highest level of freedom and independence. A great place for any designer with strong interest in tech.

At Ghost I’m constantly experiencing new depths of design, empathy, leadership, human connections and technology. My work spans the entire product, and I’ve been involved in the release of countless features, in the earlier years as designer, more recently as the lead of a design team of five. On strategic product and design challenges I collaborate a lot with CEO John O’Nolan and VP of Product Peter Schulz.