I joined Ghost, an independent open-source publishing platform as its first designer. In the first ~3 years I took charge of nearly every user facing projects, from concept to details. Since then the design team slowly grew to five members and while I kept my work design and outcome focused, I also started to manage the group as head of design.

My approach to design is practical: at the end of the day it what matters most is what goes out into the world. We treat tools and processes lightly and a subject to change, but we pay a lot of attention to details and outcome. I believe all aspects of design — how it works to how it looks — contribute to the final experience so I avoid separating them to distinct disciplines.

Here are some highlights since I work at Ghost. For the full list visit the Ghost changelog.

Ghost 5.0

Lead the design team and worked as a designer on the fifth major release of Ghost

Membership tiers

Designed multiple payment tiers experience for Ghost

12 days of Cardmas

Managed the design of releasing a new content block for the Ghost editor every day for two weeks

Ghost 4.0 preview

Ghost 4.0

Including dashboard, memberships, newsletters with a refreshed UI


Design and frontend of Portal, an embedded user interface that allows using Ghost memberships without code

Email newsletters

Beta version of newsletters in Ghost, designed and implemented over a five day retreat in Thailand

Ghost 3.0

The first iteration of Membership, one of fundamental pillars of Ghost

New Ghost Docs & Integration

(Updated since then) Redesign Ghost documentation in collab with John (CEO of Ghost)

Ghost 2.0

Worked mostly on the design details of Koenig (the editor in Ghost) but everything else too for some extent.